A Welcome Message from Aly Rajab, CLLC President and CEO

It’s my great pleasure to welcome you to CLLC.

What We’re About

For more than a decade, CLLC has earned a reputation as a student-centred, forward-thinking, and innovative language school focused on quality educational programming taught by a professional staff.

As you browse the pages of our website, notice the incredible attention to detail and quality. From the stunning photographs, to the modern layout, and the wealth of information, this website is a direct reflection of CLLC, its people, and the student experience.

What Makes This Website Special

As with all of our academic programs, our website maintains a clear sense of purpose. In eight defined steps you’re taken through each element of a CLLC student’s journey, a journey that develops, moulds and transforms our students into intelligent, productive, and conscientious members of the community.

I’m also very happy to share CLLC’s Vision, Mission and Mandate below:


CLLC’s vision is to transform lives, one student at a time.


CLLC’s mission is to be an innovative leader within the English as a second language industry, to make Canada a top choice for ESL education by providing the highest quality education to international students, French Canadians, immigrants, and refugees, and ensuring their smooth transition into Canadian life, while economically developing our cities and local communities.


CLLC is governed by a Board of Directors and guided by our core values of working as a family, quality, caring, and respect for all. In response to identified needs and trends within the ESL industry, CLLC provides:

  • ESL students with an accredited ESL education at competitive prices
  • Preparation courses for Canadian university and college bound students 
  • Canadian immersion experiences through its mandatory Canadian Culture Class and its Homestay and Activities programs

As the majority of CLLC’s clientele are international students who will be attending Canadian universities following their studies at CLLC, CLLC’s mandatory Canadian Culture class further facilitates their transition into Canadian life.

In addition to providing national and international students with a quality ESL education, CLLC also manages its own Homestay Program. 60% of CLLC’s students are part of this program which furthers their immersion experience of learning English and experiencing family life in Canada.

CLLC’s daily activity program encourages students to explore their cities and communities, experience Canadian life, make new friends and practice English in natural Canadian social contexts.

At CLLC we work hard to be leaders, mentors, big brothers and big sisters to all our students and team members. It’s only through such effort that our students can enjoy a wonderful life experience while developing themselves academically.

Please enjoy.

Best regards,

Aly Rajab

Learn English at CLLC

Learning English in Canada has never been better than at CLLC!

With a friendly professional staff and modern campuses located in downtown Toronto, Ottawa and Halifax, award-winning CLLC is your perfect destination for learning English.

Whether you’re looking for:

Full-Time, Part-Time and Intensive General English Courses
University Pathway Program (UPP)
IELTS Exam Preparation
Standardized Testing (IELTS/TOEFL)
Plus One (Customized Electives)
Business English
Group Packages

CLLC’s innovative approach to learning will help you reach your goals.


Stay active, have fun, meet new friends, and learn English all at the same time!

As a CLLC student you will be invited to join the dozens of fantastic activities happening every month.

Some of the many activities available are:

Weekend Trips to Beautiful Destinations Enjoy camping, exploring nature and some of Canada’s most breathtaking scenery
Professional Sports Attend amateur and professional hockey, baseball, basketball, football and soccer games
Fill Your Belly CLLC cities have incredible restaurants featuring food from around the world – Try them all with your new friends!

Be sure and check CLLC’s Facebook page for daily activities.

* All activities are subject to change based on availability and season


For the best English language experience, homestay is a must!

Live with local English speakers and learn first-hand about Canadian life and culture.

With CLLC’s homestay program you’ll enjoy:

A full immersion experience
Safe, secure and peaceful homes
Home-cooked meals in a clean and welcoming environment
Complete access to public transit
Households that meet strict standards of care

Live with a CLLC homestay and make new friends for life!

 English Extras

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Plus One is a CLLC trademarked program designed to give you the opportunity to customize your own learning. You are empowered to tailor your academic needs and interests into an individualized learning plan. Each Plus One topic is two weeks in length, so you get the chance to study many different topics during your study period.



Our full and part-time IELTS exam preparation courses are designed to equip you with the skills, techniques, and knowledge you need to exceed your exam goals. Our experienced teachers focus in-depth on the modules of the IELTS exam to ensure you know what to expect when taking an IELTS test. You must meet our Level 5 General English requirements to enroll in this class.



Our full and part-time courses allow you to have the flexibility to study for standardized English exams at your own pace. Our highly trained ESL teachers are committed to giving you the skills you need to exceed your exam goals. You must meet our Level 5 General English requirements to enroll in this class.



Our University Pathway Program (UPP) ensures you are well prepared for university life in Canada. This academic based program focuses on time management, note taking, exam preparation, academic presentations and essay writing. You can complete the UPP in any of our three cities and can continue onto one of our partner universities or colleges without writing an English language proficiency exam.

CLLC Toronto

290 Lawrence Avenue West
Toronto, Ontario
M5M 1B3

  (416) 901-0551

Home area photo CLLC Ottawa

CLLC Ottawa

333 Preston St, 4th Floor
Ottawa, Ontario
K1S 5N4

  (613) 237-8000
Home area photo CLLC Halifax Duke

CLLC Halifax

5201 Duke St, Unit 0230
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3J 1N9

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